The benefits of metaphors

Recently, I began to practice the simple exercise that helps to invent metaphors. Historically, the use of it was so obvious that I was stumped simple matter of friend: is it necessary to someone else, in addition to the writers? I had to think seriously and make a list of advantages, which gives the ability to invent metaphors.

It turned out that metaphors are used in almost every aspect and sphere of human activity. In fact, it was more difficult to come up with the area in which they are not used or even harmful. Do not use it, for instance, in academic texts or fire safety regulations.

Here are some areas where the ability to create vivid metaphors is incredibly useful:

Writing literary texts. Yes, this technique used by writers. Last but not least on the level of metaphor depends on the success of the novel. For example, Pelevin is a master of metaphor, and so multi-level, which sometimes hard to comprehend them.
Pedagogy. Modern education system finally came to realize the importance of metaphors. They bypass the brain resistance and provide a simple and clear picture. This technique used by Dr. House, he must also skillfully wield anyone who wants to explain something. This is true not only in education, but also in public speech or normal dialogue. Every day we explain anything, and if you learn how to create a metaphor, the idea will conveyed quickly and clearly.
Humor. Stand-up comedians, showmen, comedian groups use this technique all the time. The point is to notice something ordinary and to find a connection with something else, absurd or unusual. This results in the development of associative memory – and the more you have a strange association, the better the metaphor.
Personal development. This includes reading, self-reflection, reflection and learning. We can read for an hour about a phenomenon and not understand anything, but it is necessary to come up with a vivid metaphor, everything will fall into place. The greatest philosophers in their thinking regularly resorted to this technique, not only for their readers, but also for themselves.
Everyday communication. In order to become a great conversationalist, you have to work on themselves and adhere to certain rules and tips. And one of the most important rules – expressive speech. Who will listen to a man whose speech is dry and fresh? While one whose examples are filled with vivid metaphors, will cause genuine interest.

Difficulty: 10 of 10

Time: 30 minutes

Objective: To come up with the metaphor of a serious or comic slant with the following structure “… reminiscent of … because … so ….”

Every day we invent metaphors, sometimes without even realizing that they are. It’s time to take this process consciously and begin to raise the level.

I put this exercise difficulty level “10”, because at first consciously inventing metaphors really a difficult task. So be ready for the creaking of the brain during the process, and armed with a sheet of paper and a pen (I know from experience that so much easier).

Take any words – from objects to abstract. For example:

Pineapple reminiscent of inflation, because … therefore …
Beard recalls the Sicilian mafia, because … therefore …
Ketchup resembles air because … hence …
Social networks resemble rain because … therefore …
Tenderness resembles a clown because … therefore …
As already mentioned, there are serious problems at the beginning. How to establish a connection between tenderness and clown, pineapple and inflation? The answer may come suddenly and immediately for a second, but if it does not happen, there is a stupor, so you need to spread out on the shelves of the concept.

Take social networking and rain. What do we know about social networking? What words can be attributed to them?

And what associations come after we hear the word “rain”?

We can cling to the words “people” and “Melancholia” received word a bunch of “loneliness”. Rain can mean loneliness, as well as social networks, where all kind of surrounded by hundreds of friends, but in fact often feel lonely.

Form a metaphor: “Social networks resemble rain because it makes people feel alone, therefore, the number of friends is not related to the quality of social life.”

For another example, come up with an easy metaphor absurd effect: “Ketchup resembles the air because it fills all available space inside the hot dog, so porous breads kills you.” Or: “Tenderness resembles a clown, because it is dying emotion, therefore, turn his life into a circus.”


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