The benefits of metaphors

Recently, I began to practice the simple exercise that helps to invent metaphors. Historically, the use of it was so obvious that I was stumped simple matter of friend: is it necessary to someone else, in addition to the writers? I had to think seriously and make a list of advantages, which gives the ability to invent metaphors.

It turned out that metaphors are used in almost every aspect and sphere of human activity. In fact, it was more difficult to come up with the area in which they are not used or even harmful. Do not use it, for instance, in academic texts or fire safety regulations.

Here are some areas where the ability to create vivid metaphors is incredibly useful:

Writing literary texts. Yes, this technique used by writers. Last but not least on the level of metaphor depends on the success of the novel. For example, Pelevin is a master of metaphor, and so multi-level, which sometimes hard to comprehend them.
Pedagogy. Modern education system finally came to realize the importance of metaphors. They bypass the brain resistance and provide a simple and clear picture. This technique used by Dr. House, he must also skillfully wield anyone who wants to explain something. This is true not only in education, but also in public speech or normal dialogue. Every day we explain anything, and if you learn how to create a metaphor, the idea will conveyed quickly and clearly.
Humor. Stand-up comedians, showmen, comedian groups use this technique all the time. The point is to notice something ordinary and to find a connection with something else, absurd or unusual. This results in the development of associative memory – and the more you have a strange association, the better the metaphor.
Personal development. This includes reading, self-reflection, reflection and learning. We can read for an hour about a phenomenon and not understand anything, but it is necessary to come up with a vivid metaphor, everything will fall into place. The greatest philosophers in their thinking regularly resorted to this technique, not only for their readers, but also for themselves.
Everyday communication. In order to become a great conversationalist, you have to work on themselves and adhere to certain rules and tips. And one of the most important rules – expressive speech. Who will listen to a man whose speech is dry and fresh? While one whose examples are filled with vivid metaphors, will cause genuine interest.

Difficulty: 10 of 10

Time: 30 minutes

Objective: To come up with the metaphor of a serious or comic slant with the following structure “… reminiscent of … because … so ….”

Every day we invent metaphors, sometimes without even realizing that they are. It’s time to take this process consciously and begin to raise the level.

I put this exercise difficulty level “10”, because at first consciously inventing metaphors really a difficult task. So be ready for the creaking of the brain during the process, and armed with a sheet of paper and a pen (I know from experience that so much easier).

Take any words – from objects to abstract. For example:

Pineapple reminiscent of inflation, because … therefore …
Beard recalls the Sicilian mafia, because … therefore …
Ketchup resembles air because … hence …
Social networks resemble rain because … therefore …
Tenderness resembles a clown because … therefore …
As already mentioned, there are serious problems at the beginning. How to establish a connection between tenderness and clown, pineapple and inflation? The answer may come suddenly and immediately for a second, but if it does not happen, there is a stupor, so you need to spread out on the shelves of the concept.

Take social networking and rain. What do we know about social networking? What words can be attributed to them?

And what associations come after we hear the word “rain”?

We can cling to the words “people” and “Melancholia” received word a bunch of “loneliness”. Rain can mean loneliness, as well as social networks, where all kind of surrounded by hundreds of friends, but in fact often feel lonely.

Form a metaphor: “Social networks resemble rain because it makes people feel alone, therefore, the number of friends is not related to the quality of social life.”

For another example, come up with an easy metaphor absurd effect: “Ketchup resembles the air because it fills all available space inside the hot dog, so porous breads kills you.” Or: “Tenderness resembles a clown, because it is dying emotion, therefore, turn his life into a circus.”


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Decorating with Wood Twist Stools

When talking about stools, the image that comes to mind for most people is a leather topped seat tucked beneath a wooden bar that serves pints. With an image like that, one may think that stools are a far cry from statement pieces in sophisticated interior design, but Natural Wood Decor‘s twist wood stools are anything but. Carved from sustainable wood, these twist stools are meant to display artwork, to be sat upon, and, most importantly, to be seen.

Use these wood stools to add an organic element in your room. The natural and unique characteristics of each piece of wood are shown in its curves and enhanced by a natural oil finish. When you want to up the organic factor, give the illusion of vines growing up from the floor, which is exactly what Natural Wood Decor’s vine twist wood stool imitates. The spiral column wood stool, triple twist wood stool, and big twist wood stool are the heavier pieces in the collection and add a perfect balance to a room filled with delicate pieces and light, airy tones.

Natural Wood Decor’s wood twist stools don’t just come in a variety of designs; they also come in a variety of colors. The oak and walnut finishes are organic browns that bring natural wood tones into any room. Meanwhile, the mocha finish mixes browns and blacks to create a dark tint that adds contrast to bright rooms. For a more rustic and vintage feel, go with agate grey, which mixes white and grey tones that make the wood twist stool look antique or fossilized.

22" x 12" Vine Twist Wood Stool

22″ x 12″ Vine Twist Wood Stool


20" x 12" Spiral Column Wood Stool

20″ x 12″ Spiral Column Wood Stool


22" x 12" Triple Twist Wood Stool

22″ x 12″ Triple Twist Wood Stool


20" x 16" Big Twist Wood Stool

20″ x 16″ Big Twist Wood Stool

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New Photos from Natural Wood Decor

Check out the photos from Natural Wood Decor’s latest photo shoot.

20 x12 Wood Twist Stools with Buddha Wall Panel20 x12 Wood Twist Stools

Learn more about these twist stools at Natural Wood Decor.

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Accessorizing your Stools (and chairs)

After having a stool (or any piece of furniture for that matter) for an extended period of time, you may grow bored with it. That’s not unreasonable nor anything to be ashamed of but it’s also not practical or rational to just all of the sudden throw out furniture you invested in. So how can you add new flare to your not-so-new pieces? Simple — accessorize.

Stools and chairs can transform simply with the addition of a throw pillow. However, they’re also easily switched to function as a table, so why not add a lamp, a vase of flowers or even a stack of books on top of them? Using simple accessories with your chairs and stools can revitalize a room as well as make the space more cohesive.

Another perfect accessory for a stool is a cushion. Not only can this match the color scheme of the room but it also lends for more comfort. Making furniture more comfortable will correspondingly increase its use and functionality.

According to Better Homes and Gardens adding accessories such as cushions to create an upholstered feel or vintage accessories, makes a space more comfortable and welcoming. By making these simple changes to your stools and chairs, you too can create an exciting and warm feeling room whilst repurposing your furniture.

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How it’s Made: Wood Twist Stools

Ever wonder how these wood twist stools are made? Well, Verde Lifestyles made a video that explains the process! You can watch it below:

As you can see, the artisans in Thailand make each piece by hand and each is made separately which allows no piece to be the same.  The process is time consuming though, just applying the oil by hand can take between five to seven workdays. Knowing that such care and time is spent on the pieces makes the stools not just furniture but works of art!

Here are some examples of the 20-inch Big Twist Stool to show how no piece is the same:

20" Wood Big Twist Stool (Walnut Tone)

20″ Wood Big Twist Stool (Walnut Tone)

20" Wood Big Twist Stool (Honey Tone)

20″ Wood Big Twist Stool (Honey Tone)

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Get to Know: Monkey Pod Sustainable Wood

Why is monkey pod (aka. acacia) a “green” material?

It is a sustainable wood, because its seeds are easily spread and they grow quickly. Also, the tree does well in hot climates. In many areas it is planted in order to stop erosion. Monkey Pod trees grows very large, and are very durable; which makes them a valuable timber to harvest.

Monkey pod is also known as acacia tree or Saman in some areas. Also, the British colonialist originally named it a “rain tree” due to the tree’s tendency to fold its leaves during rainy weather and at night.

It is resistant to rot and is generally easy to work with- making it an ideal candidate for carving and shaping. For instance our Vine Twist Sustainable Wood Stool was shaped in Thailand by Thai artisans.

vine twist stool

Vine Twist Wood Stool

Monkey pod furniture is great indoors or out, with proper up keep; and it would be a great addition to any home.

How to care for your monkey pod furniture: Monkey Pod is a durable wood, so it can survive outdoors if properly finished and in a covered area. We recommend tung or teak oil, as they’re eco-friendly and naturally water resistant. While direct sunlight can cause more cracking on the ends of Monkey Pod wood, you can rub a natural wood oil to seal it and preserve its natural beauty.

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Injecting Modern Flair Into Your Living Room With a Single Twist Wood Stool

24" x 12" Single Twist Wood Stool

24″ x 12″ Single Twist Wood Stool

Wood twist stools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Hand-carved from sustainable wood, no wood twist stool is the same. One of the simplest designs is the Single Twist Wood Stool, which radiates a modern elegance that can bring style and grace to your living room.

The design is available in a variety of finishes. For a warm look, consider the Walnut finish. The honey-toned Tung Oil finish has a more vibrant look. And the White Wash finish is bold and strikingly alluring.

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The Versatility of Wood Twist Stools

You might typically think of stools for seating, but Natural Wood Decor’s beautifully crafted wood twist stools can be so much more, adding fun and charm to your home with their unique design. Check out these awesome and creative ways to use a sustainable wood twist stool!
22" x 12" Triple Twist Wood Stool
With their natural, warm finishes, wood twist stools are the perfect way to elegantly display your favorite piece of artwork. Instantly highlight an artifact or creation by placing it atop this Triple Twist Wood Stool, with its ornate design and walnut oil finish that brings out the wood’s natural grain.
vine twist wood stool
The unique carving technique used to craft this 22’’ Vine Twist Wood Stool gives the appearance of vines growing out of the ground, making this stool ideal for displaying floral arrangements. Available in walnut oil, whitewash, and tung oil finishes, this nature-themed stool is a great way to showcase a vase of beautiful flowers. Consider pairing it with handmade root wood vase.
20" x 12" Wood Twist Stool
The 20’’ Sustainable Wood Twist Stool is Natural Wood Decor’s best selling product due to its versatility. Twenty inches tall with a one foot square base, it makes a standout end table guaranteed to bring character to any room. Dress up your family room with this charming hand-crafted piece, or use it as a bedside table to bring a warm, natural feel to your bedroom. And of course, the wood twist stools also make great extra seating for your family and guests. Kids and adults alike will love sitting in these stunning works of art.
Learn more about Natural Wood Decor’s Twist Wood Stools.
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Spicing Up Your Home Bar With Sustainable Stools

More in this video: 500 Word Essay

23″ x 12″ Double Twist Wood Stool

For the entertainer who loves to impress guests with their beautiful home bar, nothing could be more perfect than the addition of sustainable, hand-crafted wood stools.

Our beautiful wood stools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes, so you can find the perfect fit to seat your guests in style and comfort. Dark wood pieces like this  23″ Double Twist Stool finished in a walnut oil (depicted above) will add some contrast to your bar space and highlight darker accents, while lighter options like this funky Inverted V Mango Wood Stool (depicted below) will bring rich honey tones that will brighten up a basement bar.

Inverted V Mango Wood Stool

Inverted V Mango Wood Stool

As they’re hand-carved from the finest wood products, no two sustainable wood stools are the same. Bring natural, diverse beauty to your bar by choosing from Natural Wood Decor’s vast assortment of wood stools and end tables.


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Twisted Stool Testimonial For Natural Wood Decor

Below you’ll find a picture and a really sweet testimonial from an other satisfied Natural Wood Decor customer. The product she purchased was an 18 inch twist stool for her son who is a guitarist.

18" Twist Wood Stool

18″ Twist Wood Stool

“I am a concert pianist, and my son is a classical guitarist. I ordered the sustainable wood stool for his at-home practice. It arrived today and is even more beautiful than the photographs online. He practiced for hours tonight on his new stool, and we both could not be more pleased with the product, your service, and the incredibly fast delivery time. Thank you for contributing to our musical growth, and for providing high quality green products backed by outstanding service.”

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